There is No App for This

My dear friend Nikki and I have had a running joke for as long as I can remember: Who's winning. We both recognize I am. By, like, a lot. Unfortunately, we have no idea what "a lot" is. I usually add some random numbers to the end of the argument, take for example, "That's it, I win. 292,920-21." Now, imagine if we had an app for our phones that allowed us to keep scoreboards. The Scoreboard App. You can keep as many as you like (in the pay version, you get five or so in the "lite"), and update them as you go. You're at a basketball game, there's a good one-on-one battle, and you want to know who is scoring more, simply pull up the app, add as they go. You're in a long-term video game battle with your buddy, who's won this many games of Madden, this many of Fifa, this many of MW2, so on and so forth. Keep up with anything you want. Who's won how many rounds of Pictionary, who's can come up with more Anchorman quotes, anything. I know I can't come up with the software or programming or whatever, but, please, somebody out there do this.

I need to know if I'm up by half a million on one Miss Eva Nichole yet.